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Skipped task screenshotNot doing the step in a list is sometimes important, either because this time it’s a little bit different case or because it’s too late to do this particular step or for any other reason. But marking incomplete step as done is not fair to yourself as you don’t want to fool yourself and want to see the real picture.

On the other hand, leaving it incomplete is not a very good idea either as coming back to the list will make finding next steps to do too hard – you’ll need to go through the list of unchecked steps again and decide whatever you did or did not think about doing already and if you need to finish it this time.

So now in HowDoable, you can mark a step as skipped – just click complete check box one more time and it’ll strike it out in red.

Want to mark it as incomplete again, just click it one more time.

Changing HowTo steps now updates existing tasks

I was doing a lot of UI planning and used HowTos for HowDoable’s own promotion and development and realized that changing HowTos and changing ToDo lists is the same process. So I’ll be merging these two processes into a single interface or two similar interfaces to make the experience more seamless.

First release is to make sure that tasks are easy to update and changes propagate to all existing tasks.

Now when you edit an action in HowTo or click edit icon on a task in ToDo list, these changes automatically propagate to all existing ToDo lists and you don’t have to have wrong steps on those ToDos that you already started.

Also, if you add an action to a HowTo, it now automatically appears on all ToDo lists and you will not skip steps – no need to keep them all in your head until next time.

Google Friend Connect

Google Friend Connect is a service, similar to Facebook Connect, but it allows you to log into HowDoable using many existing accounts:

  • Google‘s own account
  • Twitter
  • Yahoo! account
  • AIM account
  • Netlog account

as well as any website out there that uses OpenID.

All authentication is done in secure way and HowDoable doesn’t store your username and password for those accounts as some services do, but next time you log in, we’ll remember you and quickly sign into the system.

New users can also quickly sign up using Google Friend Connect in the same way you do that with Facebook Connect – HowDoable will simply create and account if you didn’t register yet.

If you already registered an account using sign up form and would like to log into HowDoable using Facebook account or on the the accounts that are supported by Google Friend Connect, just click a link in the top right corner of the screen with your name on it to edit your profile. You’ll be able to associate your account by simply clicking on Facebook or Google Friend connect buttons. Google Friend Connect also allows you to associate multiple accounts.

Go check it out!


Facebook Connect integration

Now you can register and log into HowDoable using your Facebook account.

If you already have an account with HowDoable, you can go to your user information page and associate your current account with your Facebook account if you’d like a quick, single click log in (assuming you’re already logged in with Facebook). You’ll be able to remove this association at any time if you like.

Hope this will speed up registration and will help users log into their accounts without remembering yet another username and password.

Pitching at Ultra Light Startups

Ultra Light Startups logoI’m going to pitch HowDoable at Ultra Light Startups event on March 4th.

ULS is a great business networking event organized by Graham Lawlor. They have a wonderful format – running a series of “elevator pitches” at the beginning of the event for all local startups that wish to be heard. This allows founders to find connections, sell their product and practice their pitching skills.

Second part of ULS events is usually a panel on a Startup-related topic. Some recent events I’ve been to:

Panel videos are also recorded and available on-line.

This is the first time I’m going to pitch HowDoable from the stage and hope to learn a lot about the art of pitching and get more users as well as some good comments about HowDoable.

I’ll be happy to see you at ULS and chat about HowDoable.

Come over and tell me you use HowDoable! I’ll be happy to hear about your experience!